fredag den 5. juli 2013


I'm really fascinated with murals in general and for the past couple of months I've been focusing on murals in my own personal creative process. I use Molotow markers for now, but I'm looking into spray cans and airbrush these days. I've searched for inspiration online and below are some of the videos I've found. I'm not really into traditional grafitti, probably because I'm not part of that culture, but I love the idea about the public space as a gallery open for anyone. We definitely need more murals in the city I live in. If someone had told me a year ago that I would be painting walls myself I would have laughed. It's funny how life can take you into unexpected directions. I absolutely love drawing on walls now. 
Last video is my own. I hope I will be able to create murals outside eventually.
If you happen to be danish I did a blog post about murals back in 2010 after a visit to San Francisco that became a bit of an eyeopener for me regarding murals and street art. You can read it HERE.

Artists Work X Gary Fernandez from Overall Murals on Vimeo.

Gold Lane Mural Subiaco from Chad Peacock on Vimeo.

Hey Apathy! Wall Mural from BizMedia on Vimeo.

Migo & Frannerd from frannerd on Vimeo.

Claudio Ethos - Casa Das Caldeiras from Jared Levy on Vimeo.

Hush "Twin" Opening at New Image Art from G7D on Vimeo.

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